Free and Packed with Features

Packed with tons of features and still loads ultra fast.

Text Formatting

  • Bold, italicize, or strike text
  • Align text: left, center, right, or justify
  • Create superscript and subscript
  • Indent or outdent text
  • Create ordered and unordered lists
  • Hyperlink text
  • Cut, copy, and paste
  • Undo or redo

Color Picker

  • Set text foreground and background color
  • Choose from 216 web safe colors
  • Use your own custom color


  • Load multiple editors in the same page
  • Add WYSIWYGs with a few lines of code
  • Edit HTML directly in HTML mode

Table Editing

  • Insert tables
  • Set table properties: rows, cols, and padding
  • Set table width: percent or pixels
  • Choose table alignment: left, center, right
  • Choose border style, width, and color
  • Select table shading color

Image Editing

  • Insert images
  • Determine image url
  • Input alternate text
  • Set image alignment: left, center, right, and more
  • Select border thickness
  • Horizontal or vertical spacing


  • 100% Pure JavaScript
  • Works with web applications coded in any programming language
  • Cross-Browser compatible
  • IE 5.5+ (Windows)
  • Firefox 1.0+
  • Mozilla 1.3+
  • Netscape 7+


User Interface

  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Mouse-over color highlighting
  • No learning curve
  • Simple to use, easy to learn
  • Simple point and click interface
  • No HTML knowledge required

Open Source

  • LGPL Open Source license
  • Absolutely free
  • Add new features or optimize the code
  • Easily add new buttons, menus, or features
  • Disable buttons, menus, and features with ease